“Season of Crimson Blossoms” – 2016 Winner of $100,000 Nigerian Prize for Literature

season-of-crimson-blossomsAbubakar Adam Ibrahim is the winner of the 2016 Nigerian Prize for Literature worth §100,000, with his novel, Season of Crimson Blossom. The Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Prize, Prof Ayo Banjo who announced Abubakar Ibrahim as winner of this year’s NLNG Nigerian Prize for literature described his debut novel, A Season of Crimson Blossoms as “as skillful and sympathetic narrative.”

season-of-crimson-blossomsThe three finalists for this year’s edition of the prize were Elnathan John (Born On A Tuesday); Chika Unigwe, (Night Dancer), and, Mr. Ibrahim (Season of a Crimson Blossoms) after an intial shortlist drawn from 173 books, in the race for the 2016 literature prize for prose fiction worth $100,000.

Season of Crimson Blossom is set in conservative northern Nigeria, between a 55-year-old widow, Binta and 25-year-old ‘area-boy’ Reza, their lives become intertwined when Reza tries to rob Binta.

About the Author
Abubakar Adam Ibrahim is a journalist and writer. He was winner of the BBC African Performance Prize, the Amatu Braide Prize for Prose; and earlier awarded the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Fellow (2013) and Civitella Ranieri Fellow (2015).


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