The Arrangements|Behind The Scenes With Melania Trump

The ‘Arrangements’is Chimamanda’s contribution to The New york Times Book Review series, in which acclaimed authors are asked to write a story about the American election.
The ‘Arrangements’ is a story about the personal life of the Republican presidential aspirant, Donald Trump but there is a twist to the narrative as the spotlight is focused on his wife, Melania Trump. It’s a fictional take on the home front of Trump as it helps readers world over to see the different side of a man who has been given different caricature by the media,based on his wife perspective. It features Melania’s insecurities, relationship with her step children, the intrigues of keeping up with her husband’s fast paced life and more.

Below is an excerpt, click here for the full story.

When she had first told him, “you will win”, that balmy day in Florida last year, drinking Diet coke in tennis white, she had meant he will win at what he wanted- the publicity, ego polish. It would help his Tv show, and impress his business associates tickled by fame. She never meant he would win the Republican primary nor had she expected the frenzy of media coverage received. Americans were so emotionally young, fascinated by what Europeans knew to be world-weary realities. They were drawn to Donald’s brashness and bluster and bullying, his harsh words and the amoral ease with which untruths slid out of his mouth. She viewed these with a shrug- he was human and he had his good points and did Americans truly not know that humans beings lied? They had followed him from the beginning, breathlessly and childishly. There were days every television channel she switched to had his image on the screen. They did not understand that what he found unbearable was to be ignored, and for this she was grateful because being in the news brought Donald the closest he could be to contentment. He would never be a truly content person, she knew this, because of that primal restlessness that thrummed in him, the compulsion to prove something to himself that st he feared he never would. It moved her and made her feel protective.”


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