Get Ready To Watch An Adaptation of Chimamanda’s “The Thing Around Your Neck”

Chimamanda Adichie has sold the film adaptation rights of “One Monday Last Week”, a short story from her 2009 collection “The Thing Around Your Neck” to Ghanaian director Adoma Akosua Owusu and her Ghanaian based production company, Obibini Pictures.


Also last year, the author of the award-winning novel ‘Purple Hibiscus’, gave Eclipsed star Lupita Nyongo the feature film rights to her third novel, Americanah. A social commentary and exploration of black identity of a Nigerian woman freshly emigrated to America.

Plot of “On Monday of Last Week”:
“On Monday of Last Week” follows a Nigerian woman on her journey to self-realization. Kamara takes on a nannying job caring for Josh, the five-year old son of Tracy and Neil, an interracial couple living in an upscale urban home. Under Neil’s direction, Kamara settles into a routine of prepping Josh for an academic competition and feeding him the latest kids’ health craze. The noticeable absence of Josh’s mother, Tracy, and her occasional outbursts heard from her artist’s studio in the basement intrigue Kamara. Kamara’s growing curiosity is piqued when Tracy finally emerges from her studio one afternoon. The brief encounter causes Kamara to launch into an unexpected attraction, wanting nothing more than an excuse to see Tracy again.


Akosua is slated to direct and produce “On a Monday of Last Week” which tells the story of a Nigerian’s woman’s journey of self-discovery and examines the complex politics of beauty standards. Kwaku Anase – a film by Owusu won the the African Movie Academy Awards, 2013 in Nigeria for Best Short Film.
“I was compelled to create a new work by adapting literature from contemporary African writers,” Owusu says, according to the Obibini Pictures’ press release. “The themes of race, liberalism, and sexuality in Adichie’s short story On Monday of Last Week resonated with my films on the ‘triple consciousness’ of the African immigrant as I transition between avant-garde cinema, fine art, and African tradition to complicate the nature of identity.”

“On Monday of Last Week” is the first of Adichie’s short stories which will be optioned for film and to fund the project, the Guggenheim Foundation gas already offered its support. Check out Owusu’s Pitch video and $30,000 Kickstart campaign.
Nigerian actress Chinasa Ogbuagu, who recently starred in the Off-Broadway play Sojourners, will appear as the short story’s protagonist Kamara. And Ghanaian rapper M.anifest has signed on as the music supervisor for the film adaptation.


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